Marina Merryweather

Aspiring sociolinguist

Key Points

  • UCL & QMUL graduate
  • Linguistics Research Digest blog contributor
  • MA research on Martinican Creole
  • Prospective PhD researcher in CMC & lavender linguistics


Hello! My name is Marina, and I use they/them pronouns.

My main area of linguistic interest is sociolinguistics, particularly lavender linguistics and CMC, which I hope to pursue at doctoral level. In the past I have done work on creole linguistics, language and gender, and language policy. My MA thesis focussed specifically on decreolisation in Martinican Creole, and whether speakers had a perceptual preference for forms adopted into the language from French.

Outside of sociolinguistics, I am also interested in multimodality, as well as doing field work on understudied languages – in addition to the creole mentioned above, I have also done work on Fijian. I have a strong background in theoretical linguistics, and am interested in pragmatics. This especially includes relevance theory, and the debate around whether words have concepts.

When I am not doing linguistics, I enjoy watching and practising theatre (whether on the stage or back of house), reading modern literature, writing short stories and plays, making cocktails, and travelling.

Here is a copy of my CV. Please scroll down to find highlights of my work, as well as a way of contacting me.


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I am always looking for like-minded linguists to add to my network!